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Our Solutions

For companies aiming at global markets, high-quality localization and translation can make the difference between success and failure. But how can you be sure your localized content connects with your customers, audiences, and end users?

As the only independent, unbiased language review service, Beyont takes your localization projects to the next level. When you tap our linguistic and cross-cultural expertise, you can have confidence that your words will hit the mark.

How We Help Your Business

  • Most companies lack the time or resources to vet the quality of localization and translation for themselves. And even the best language service providers can err in assessing their own work.
  • Beyont fills the gap as an impartial third-party reviewer, providing objective analysis and metrics of accuracy. We work with your team and vendor to ensure your multilingual content shines — no matter what country, region, or language you’re targeting.


Project-by-Project Reviews

Has your in-house team or vendor completed a localization project? Just send us the files, and our specialists will perform a careful review of all translated content. We can then provide you with an objective quality report, recommendations for improvement, and actionable feedback for your vendor.

Continuous Review

The perfect option if you need ongoing localization and translation services: By partnering with us, you can ensure all the content you produce receives a careful review by the same team of experts. We will set up a customized linguistic quality assurance model and a strategy tailored to your audience.

How We Deliver Results

Process Improvements

  • To meet your overall business goals, we can deliver a dedicated team to provide a comprehensive, ongoing linguistic review process that stretches across content and languages.

  • Whether working with content translated by translation vendors or in-house teams, we’ll help you identify issues and areas for improvement, shifting strategy as necessary to meet pre-established goals.

Streamlining Time to Market (Placeholder)

  • How we do this!??
  • Proper localization is crucial to survival in a global marketplace.
  • We benchmark your localization projects against the highest quality language statistics.

Translation Scoring

  • MQM or Multidimensional Quality Metrics provide a standardized means to score translations.
  • Per your project’s requirements we use the MQM framework to provide the appropriate level of detailed scoring and granularity


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