Third-Party Language Review Programs

With a review program in place, you’ll never doubt translation quality again.

Are you a global company that needs your translated content reviewed on an ongoing basis? How do you ensure every translation hits the mark? What can you do to minimize errors, risks and internal costs? Partner with beyont and get an ongoing linguistic review program that delivers top-quality translations along with peace of mind.

Whether your content was translated by a third party or in-house team, beyont’s translation review program ensures the content you’re getting from your vendor shines—every time. We start by setting up a linguistic quality assurance (LQA) model based on your priorities. From practical checks like accuracy and fluency to analysis, scoring and reporting, you’ll have a customized strategy designed to get your audience to read, engage and react—in any language. Plus, you maintain the same team of reviewers from the start, eliminating the learning curve that’s typical from project to project.

Our language review program is available in two formats:

Staffed Reviews

For companies looking to add local reviewers to their staff, beyont will provide a dedicated team for you to manage.

Managed Reviews

For companies that prefer to have translation quality review services managed by beyont’s team, our managed reviews help keep headcounts and expenses down, while ensuring top quality.

Programs include:

  • Team creation
  • Onboarding
  • Standard industry tools, system integrations, automated reporting
  • Product, process, tools training
  • Continuous review of translated content (100% or sample)
  • Program management
  • Feedback & communication with translation vendors
  • Feedback & communication with translation vendors
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Meetings with translation vendors
  • Translation improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Linguistic quality statistics
  • Translation scoring
  • Time tracking & reporting

Plus, you can plug into our expertise whenever you need new content. It’s streamlined, effective and built with your needs in mind.

With an ongoing linguistic QA review program, you have peace of mind knowing your translated content is being reviewed by a savvy team focused on delivering ROI.

See what it’s like to trust the quality of your translations.