Open up new horizons with language quality management

Our Solutions

Linguistic Quality Assessment

For companies aiming at global markets, high-quality localization and translation can make the difference between success and failure.

Beyont evaluates and improves the performance of both machine and human translators, using state-of-the-art language quality metrics.

Third Party Review

As the only independent, unbiased language review service, Beyont takes your localization projects to the next level.

When you tap into our linguistic and cross-cultural expertise, you can have confidence that your words will hit the mark.

Our Language Quality Management Solutions


Beyont fills the gap as an impartial third-party reviewer, providing objective analysis and metrics of accuracy. Our feedback is professional, precise, and actionable.

Time Savings

Most companies lack the internal resources to vet language quality without delays and slowdowns. We speed up localization by removing bottlenecks and helping translation teams reduce their error rates.


We work as an extension of your team and collaborate with your vendor to ensure your multilingual content shines – no matter what country, region, or language you’re targeting.

Our Service Levels

Project-by-Project Reviews

Has your in-house team or vendor completed a localization project? Just send us the files, and our specialists will perform a careful review of all the translated content. We can then provide you with an objective quality report, recommendations for improvement, and actionable feedback for your vendor.

Continuous Quality Management

The perfect option if you are performing ongoing localization and translation projects. By partnering with us, you can ensure all the content you produce receives a careful review by the same team of experts. We will set up a customized linguistic quality assurance model and a strategy tailored to your audience.

The Beyont Advantage

Process Improvements

A comprehensive linguistic review process

To meet your business goals, a dedicated team provides a systematic, ongoing review process that covers every aspect of language quality.

Fixing problem areas

Fixing problem areas Our specialists help you identify problems and areas for improvement, working with your translation vendor or your in-house team. We adjust strategies as needed to meet your chosen objectives.

Streamlining Time to Market

Eliminating bottlenecks

Companies often depend on internal staff members to vet translations for accuracy. But this task is rarely their main priority or focus, leading to costly bottlenecks and delays.

Language quality maintenance equals faster time to market

Beyont’s sole mission is to review and maintain language quality. We assign dedicated reviewers to work with your team—skilled professionals who understand your brand, your content, and your project. All of this speeds up localization and makes the process run smoother.

Truly unbiased review

A teacher doesn’t ask students to grade their own exams

So why would you rely on translators to rate their own work? Beyont doesn’t provide general translation and localization services. We only ensure the quality of other people’s work. That means we can make unbiased assessments and recommendations—unlike conventional translation firms that offer quality review services.

Unbiased with honest and balanced feedback

As third-party reviewers, we provide an honest and balanced scoring of your vendor’s work. We also offer actionable feedback to help your vendor’s scores improve over time. Our goal is always to make sure your translations are as accurate and effective as possible.