White Paper: How to Succeed at Localization with Linguistic Quality Assessment [Free Download]

Are you getting your money’s worth from localization? If your translations miss the mark with your audience, the answer is: probably not. 

 Without the right process of quality assurance, you may never know whether your translation team’s work meets the standards you require. And your business will struggle to fix the problems that reduce the return on your investment. 

Beyont’s new white paper, The Language Quality Solution, examines how linguistic quality assessment (LQA) helps businesses avoid costly pitfalls and reach their goals for localization. 

This in-depth resource unpacks the topic for localization managers, executives, and anyone else who has a stake in building a successful localization program. Inside, you’ll discover the most essential facts about LQA.

  • What businesses achieve by investing in LQA: The typical localization process is fraught with linguistic quality issues, leading to problems that range from bottlenecks and delays to off-target messaging and flawed customer experiences. LQA addresses this challenge with a systematic process to vet and improve the quality of translations, based on consistent standards and data. 
  • What methods and best practices are used in LQA: During a professional quality assessment, linguistic experts review the translated text for errors. They then score the translation’s overall quality, using customizable metrics that weigh every error by its type and severity. By working with an analytical framework such as MQM-DQF, linguistic quality reviewers can provide the structured, data-based feedback that translation teams and managers need to improve the quality of localization. 
  • How to maximize the benefits of LQA: LQA is most effective when businesses take active steps to reduce bias and ensure that reviews are as objective as possible. Third-party language quality management puts the task of assessment in the hands of impartial experts, so that managers and other stakeholders can have full confidence in the results. 

Ready to start your journey toward better translation quality and higher localization ROI? 

Download your free copy of the white paper, The Language Quality Solution: How Linguistic Quality Assessment Drives Localization Success. Or contact Beyont to discuss your company’s specific language quality needs. 

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